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Obama as Andrew Jackson?

Obama presidency draws comparisons to Jackson’s

Andrew Jackson, the Nashville-area resident and national war hero who was the seventh U.S. president, is back in the spotlight among historians and political scientists who compare today’s political and economic environment to the one Jackson faced when he was elected in 1828.

Democratic control of the presidency and Congress and the country’s recent economic collapse have prompted comparisons between President-elect Obama and the populist Jackson, who railed against “the rich and powerful (who) too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes.”

“Already, certain historians are looking back at that anti-banker, anti-corporation champion of the common man against the rich and saying, ‘Hey, all of a sudden that sounds real contemporary,’ “ said Dan Feller, project director of The Papers of Andrew Jackson at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.</em>

Interesting notion, but when you consider how much he got in funding from the financial sector, you can’t really call him “anti-bank”, I don’t think.

No, I see Obama more as Harvey Keitel as Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction. The guy who has to clean up the mess the gangsters made.

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