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Goode is gone. Good!

Virginia GOP Rep. Goode Defeated in Late-Decided Election

RICHMOND, Va. – Challenger Tom Perriello defeated Republican Rep. Virgil H. Goode by 745 votes out of more than 316,000 cast to help Democrats regain a 6-5 majority in Virginia’s congressional delegation, according to election results certified Monday by the State Board of Elections.

Goode riddance to bad rubbish. Goode, you’ll remember, is the wingnut who went all bigot when fellow Representative Keith Ellison was sworn in with a Koran. Despite Goode’s thoughts to the contrary, American society did not collapse, nor did Ellison lead waves of Muslim immigrants into the country.

Also interesting, the homophobic Goode is thanked in the credits of the gay porno film “Eden’s Curve”, and has financial ties to the producers of the film. Glad to see the voters have given Goode ample time to ponder the coming gay Muslim onslaught.

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