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Nobody interested in a Bush memoir

Publishers not interested in producing Bush’s memoir

When George W. Bush leaves office in January, he’s likely to join other past presidents and write a memoir. However, publishers aren’t that interested in producing something from history’s most unpopular president at this point and are suggesting that he “take [his] time.” Even Marji Ross of the conservative Regnery Publishing said, “Certainly the longer he waits, the better.” President Clinton received $15 million for his autobiography, “My Life,” although few expect Bush will command the same sum.

“I was rich brat. Became a drunk. Lost a bunch of other peoples money. Killed a bunch of folks as governor. Killed a bunch more as president. Did a bunch of illegal shit I can’t talk about. Going back to Crawford to play with mah chainsaw.”

Yeah, I can see publishers not wanting to pay $15 million for that.

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