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Los Dryheavers

Los Dryheavers

Words of Surrender

Lorelei Records

We often hear complaints about bands using excessive profanity, but this is the first time I’ve seen the press agent outswear the band. There’s a smattering of f-bombs on the disc, but if you want some real Spanglish potty mouth, I’ll copy you on the press release. “But what about the band?” you ask. Los Dryheavers pound out a straight-ahead heavy-duty rock sound with a mix of English and Spanish vocals that celebrate working class youth – beer, casual sex, and cruising. While they’re not plowing new ground, they have a workmanlike approach to playing with solid arrangements, excellent guitar, drum pounding, and crispy backups for Hector’s lead vocals.

There’s no trace of the stereotypical Mexican mariachi or polka sound in Los Dryheavers, and the name breaks me up every time I look at the disc. These guys could be rockers in torn jeans from nearly anywhere with solid playing and the occasional “Oi!” sounding vocal.

Los Dryheavers: http://www.losdryheavers.com

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