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The debut EP by Amarillo-based singer-songwriter Teel is a real discovery for fans of melodic, contemporary pop-rock.

Opener “Hear Me” showcases Teel’s radio-friendly voice, knack for a catchy melody and penchant for a chunky riff or two. Co-written by songwriting team Micah and Lori Wilshire, it’s an immediate mark of quality which is replicated on the punchy, slightly more edgy “I Need You”.

“Come Down” is another excellent rocker with a pleading chorus and solid production by Raymond Boyd. “Answering Machine” doesn’t quite match those high standards but the closing track of the EP, “This Is The End” again demonstrates Teel’s huge vocal and songwriting potential impressively.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about Teel’s music, but good songs and a good voice will never go out of vogue, and there is the promise of even greater things to come when Beginning is followed by a full-length record.


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