Empire Isis

Empire Isis

Empire Isis

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Empire Isis sounds like a gangsta rapper, but cleverly subverts the racism and sexism to a feminist, world peace message. The Ho’s are all still hanging around, drugs are as ubiquitous as branded clothing and status heavy sneakers, and the guys aren’t any more loyal than anywhere else. There’s a strong rasta/island influence, and an attitude that women can run the world better than its current male stewards.

There’s an intro segment with some quick cut vocal cuts, but soon enough we’re immersed in the infectious beat and quickly pick up the message – what’s good for the guys is just as appropriate for Isis and her posse. By the second cut “Mission,” you can feel the party starting to roll. “Sidney” tells a man’s story, but the message never overwhelms the dance angle and that’s the way things keep up for the entire disc. Production values are lush and easily some of the best in the genre. The warm tones of Isis’s vocal chords make you feel like she’s in love with you, and buying into the whole rasta I-and-I mindset might make sense.

Empire Isis: http://www.empireisis.com

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