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Monkey Wrench

At just under ten minutes, Jumpercable’s debut EP does not require much commitment from the listener. Every second of this lightning-bolt release is spent wisely, without a breath of down time between electric jolts. The opening and closing tracks (aptly titled “D(int)r(o)agonaut,” and “D(out)r(o)agonaut”) could easily serve as the intro and outro of one long song, with everything in-between serving as the ebb and flow of an epic hardcore composition. That’s not to say that the other seven tracks are indiscernible from one another, but the mood is similar and – let’s be truthful – all hardcore songs start to sound alike after awhile.

Let me clarify: not all hardcore bands are created equal. I’ve listened to a lot of crap in my days to be able to hear the difference between well-written hardcore and mindless, testosterone-fueled pap. Jumpercable falls into the former category. They have just enough metal influence, which can be heard best in the guitar tone, to give them depth, yet I would never stoop to calling them metalcore. They bury the classic metal sound deep beneath a heavy wall of music that’s more fierce, much like Converge or Coliseum.

This band is sure to churn up a dangerous mosh pit or two.


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