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Fight Amp

Fight Amp

Hungry For Nothing

Translation Loss

The dirty shores of Jersey have given us another hardcore band to sing praises to.

Fight Amp (formerly Fight Amputation) emerges from the grimy basements of West Berlin, NJ with a sludge-soaked musical concoction that is birthed from the same metal/punk breeding ground that The Melvins and Green River clawed their way out of a decade ago. Of course, in order to hear this pre-grunge influence it’s first necessary to scrape away a thick layer that sounds almost too much like Unsane and Helmet.

Then again, none of those bands had a woman on guitar and vocals. Fight Amp has one with a voice that’s as balls-out as the male vocalist in the group, and songs that find her singing lead, as on “Bound and Hagged,” pack added heat. With a guttural growl, not as maniacal as Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow but in the same ballpark, a fresh listener would be hard pressed to pick out which vocals on the album are indeed done by a woman.

Hungry For Nothing is just over 30 minutes of music you’ve heard before, but if hardcore-flavored metal that drips with stale beer and cheap cigarettes is your choice flavor, then this is one release that is sure to set your taste buds dripping.

Fight Amp:

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