• Lydia Lunch

    Lydia Lunch

    Shelton Hull refers to the feminist vision of the inimitable Lydia Lunch as “seminal” and lives to tell the tale.

  • Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

    Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

    Recurring Dream and Apocalypse of Darkness (Important). Review by Aaron Shaul.

  • Totimoshi


    Totimoshi have their own unique take on heavy music, discovers Jen Cray , but they’re having trouble finding an audience for it.

  • Totimoshi


    Totimoshi may have been playing to a crowd that could have fit into Jen Cray’s living room, but that did nothing to dim their spirits or the quality of their performance.

  • Dead Kennedys

    Dead Kennedys

    Live At The Deaf Club (Manifesto). Review by Jen Cray.

  • The Melvins

    The Melvins

    26 Songs (Ipecac Records). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • John Stanier

    After a decade with one of the most influential bands in today’s metal, Helmet, drummer John Stanier finds himself in Tomahawk, featuring members of the Melvins, Faith No More and the Jesus Lizard. Gail Worley talks about the ups, downs and sideways.

  • Dead Meadow

    Shivering King and Others (Matador). Review by Aaron Shaul.

  • Steel Pole Bath Tub

    Unlistenable (Zero To One). Review by Rob Walsh.

  • Suplecs

    Sad Songs… Better Days (Devil Doll). Review by Matthew Damascus.

  • Jucifer

    Matt Cibula gets the skinny on why The Beatles are overrated and why Debbie Harry is the shit from G. Amber Valentine of Jucifer.

  • The Melvins

    The Melvins at the Cow Haus in Tallahassee, FL on June 8, 2002. Concert review by Matthew Moyer. Photos by Heather Lorusso.

  • Tool

    Tool, with The Melvins at the Royal Theatre in Canberra, Australia on April 29, 2002. Concert review by Dan Stapleton.

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