Carl Gauze’s ineptitude

re: http://www.ink19.com/issues/december2008/musicReviews/musicG/davidGilmour.html

From his column on Live in Gdansk: “Looking old and grizzled, Gilmore, Waters and their back-up men play as if this might be their last show.” Carl, beyond the lack of first-reference first name for Roger Waters, you should know that he and David have a long-running feud, and the idea of him playing Gilmour solo compositions is beyond ridicule. But damn, son, you haven’t a clue. The brother from Floyd is keyboardist Rick Wright, who died just prior to the release of the album. Try harder, son …

Carl’s response: Gosh, Mom, I really WAS trying. I’m fully aware of the feud, and I’m also aware they partially made up prior to this show. Perhaps it was a real reconciliation, or maybe they just needed the cash, but in the vast pantheon of strange rock and roll bedfellows, Roger playing David’s material is no more unlikely that John Fogarty playing Proud Mary after his battles.

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