Truth to Power

Goodbye cruel world…

Ok, maybe not the entire world, just the southern portion of a bit of it. TTP and LH are heading west and won’t be back till…well, whenever we dang well feel like it.

We might walk by this at some point. We’ll be sure to wave.

Also, you might have noticed that at the bottom of each item on TTP we now sport social networking links- digg, facebook, twitter, etc. Now I did that whole scene in the 90s with AOL and Compuserve, and I have scant interest in spending even MORE time on the computer than I already do, but for those inclined, have at it.

I leave you with the latest addition to the stable, a 1964 Guild F-47:


Everybody be young, be foolish, and be happy. Just don’t let the federales find out.

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