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Fiction Family

Fiction Family

Fiction Family


Fiction Family is the collaboration between Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek, and the result is an intriguing combination of left-of-the-middle folk, country, and pop.

The Switchfoot frontman and Nickel Creek guitarist first started writing songs together in late 2005 and recorded the material as touring and recording commitments allowed.

Songs like first single “When She’s Near” prove that it’s been worth the wait. Neither the polished modern rock of Switchfoot nor the bluegrass of Nickel Creek are too evident, but there’s a refreshing, slightly left-field approach to the duo’s songwriting as demonstrated on the unorthodox beat of “Out of Order,” which contrasts with the gentle acoustics of “Not Sure.”

“Closer Than You Think” shines thanks to an upbeat acoustic vibe, while “We Ride” has an atmospheric vibe, but the aptly titled “Elements Combined” is the standout track, showcasing Foreman and Watkins’ natural harmonies and ear for an enduring melody.

Fiction Family might not appeal to die-hard fans of either of Foreman or Watkins’ day job bands, but those who give it a chance will discover an album which should endure longer than many ill-fated side projects.

Fiction Family:

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