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Chris Trapper

Chris Trapper

Til The Last Leaf Falls


Til The Last Leaf Falls is Boston singer-songwriter Chris Trapper’s fourth solo record and is another stellar collection of the kind of wistful, undeniably melodic folk-pop songs which have become his trademark.

The former Push Stars frontman has found a new lease of life as a solo artist and Til The Last Leaf Falls arguably shows him at the peak of his creative powers.

Opener “This Time” was featured prominently in the soundtrack for the August Rush soundtrack and is classic Trapper, with its mid-tempo riff and introspective lyrics, while the vivid sketch of unrequited love contained in the lyrics of “Wait a Lifetime” confirms him as one of life’s hopeless romantics.

With a full band behind him, Trapper’s songs always strike a chord, but the sheer simplicity of the acoustic “Look What The Wind Blew In” contrasts with his powerful lyrics of bitter regret and disappointment, to be a real album highlight. The uptempo pop of “Least You’re Breathing” and “Black Eye” show another side to Trapper’s songwriting mastery, while the atmospheric title track and jaunty “Black Hearted Bride” again demonstrate the diversity of his material.

But it’s the quite outstanding “Cost of Constant Travelling” which steals the show, thanks in no small part to some typically understated guitar work from guest player Duke Levine.

In these troubled and uncertain times, the enduring beauty that can be found throughout almost every song on Til The Last Leaf Falls is something to be truly thankful.

Chris Trapper:

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