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Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

Glassjaw Boxer


Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers are huge regionally, and with an album as good as Glassjaw Boxer, it’s a mystery why they are still relative unknowns on a national stage.

Frontman Stephen Kellogg has the perfect blend of songwriting talent, unlimited charisma and star quality, and right from the first bars of melodic opener “Sweet Sophia,” the band’s brand of melodic Americana captivates irresistibly.

The up-tempo title track draws comparisons with the likes of Counting Crows and the more delicate side of the band’s repertoire is shown on the delicate “In Front of the World,” while “A Cabin in the Woods” is an atmospheric rocker demonstrating the band’s simple, yet effective strengths.

“Hearts In Pain” is an epic ballad which deserves much wider acclaim, while the apologetic strains of “Milwaukee” is another evocative heartfelt tune with an achingly beautiful melody and chorus. “Big Easy” ends the album in fine country rock style, but even though the competition is extremely tough, the confessional “4th of July” is the album’s high point, detailing Kellogg’s life, loves and road experiences in one five-minute masterpiece.

Glassjaw Boxer is one fine record from a hugely likeable band and extraordinarily talented frontman; and the good news is that a brand new record is due in mid-2009, which should hopefully catapult the Sixers to the next level.

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