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Coby Brown

Coby Brown

Stars & Curses

After releasing two successful EPs, indie pop-rocker Coby Brown returns with his debut full-length album Stars & Curses.

The Los Angeles-based singer songwriter has recently been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, something which understandably colors his lyrics on songs such as “Drop Down Dead,” “Lived to Tell the Story” and “Your Luck Is Going To Change.” But Brown’s songs are full of hope and positivity, such as on opener “Daylight,” which has a spectacularly catchy melody line, soulful vibe and insightful lyrics.

Another side to Brown’s music is found on the more melancholy “4th of July” and “Sunday,” while the superb “Weigh Me Down” has a powerful yet simple message within its lyrics.

It would have been easy for Brown to wallow in self-pity and write a depressing, intensely personal record. Instead, he has used his songwriting skill to convey a more optimistic view on Stars & Curses, something for which he should be applauded.

Coby Brown:

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