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Oh, The Places We’ll Go

K Records

Yeah, let’s start this little lounge night with a little Lake and their existential album Oh, The Places We’ll Go. Let’s get a little bossa nova, some hand claps, and electronic tambourine.

Places is light, breezy, and chill. I always feel like I need to wear sunglasses and tilt my head toward the sky, looking to “obscure the most beautiful things.” There’s definitely a summer bar-be-que vibe to this album, but it’s a super-hip, indie bar-be-que full of thin headbands and cut-off jean shorts.

Despite my love for this album, I felt there wasn’t enough man-singing and a little too much lady-singing. Though, some of the best tracks were lady tracks – “Blue Ocean Blue” and “Dead Beat” being the most notable. The man-sung title track “Oh, The Places We’ll Go” works as a catchy frame, housing the indie serenity. They’re pretty much adorable. Don’t pass by this Lake.

Who they remind you of: Arcade Fire, Colour Revolt

Lake: http://www.laketheband.com

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