• The Electric Chair

    The Electric Chair

    Live execution! Live on stage! Mark Eisenstein’s The Electric Chair tells the story of a shoe salesman attempting to revive his failed career as a comedian, sharing the stage with an electric chair.

  • Into It. Over It. / KOJI

    Into It. Over It. / KOJI

    IIOI/KOJI (No Sleep). Review by P. McEver.

  • The Jesus Guy

    The Jesus Guy

    He looks like Jesus Christ. And preaches like St. Francis of Assisi. Some say he’s “a kook.”

  • Rat Girl

    Rat Girl

    Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave talks about her life right as she was exploding, in the good ways and the bad, in her memoir Rat Girl.

  • One Hundred Flowers

    One Hundred Flowers

    Mechanical Bride (Stem and Leaf). Review by P. McEver.

  • Chad Serhal

    Chad Serhal

    Cruise Van Nuys EP (Flannelgraph). Review by P. McEver.

  • Fops


    Yeth Yeth Yeth (Monotreme). Review by P. McEver.

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