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Anam Cara

Hello, Sir! Records

In their album Anam Cara, A.Armada builds a world of drama, suspense, and mystery – without lyrics.

Case in point: the song “The Moon Shifts the Sea the Sea Shapes the Shore the Shore Shakes the Sand the Sand Sinks the Ship.” It starts with a spark and then builds into an audio light show, drives with thumping repetition, and then ends abruptly. The song’s title is a great example of A.Armada’s style of taking an idea and adding as many layers as it takes to sink a ship by the moon.

There are quiet, simple moments too, spliced in the way a roller coaster peaks and sinks, sails and then drops off, leaving the listener strapped in for the ride.

For those who need it spelled out for them, look elsewhere. For the open-minded and ready, sit back, close your eyes, and drink up A.Armada’s audio explosions, free of human voices.

Who they remind you of: Explosions in the Sky

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