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Beyond Things

Beyond Things

Our Call Outs


Beyond Things’ debut Our Call Outs has some serious balls. Indiana’s been growin’ ‘em diff’rent and the world better watch its ass.

Our Call Outs is sensory, oddly pelvic, and fairly primal. It examines physical distance in “Skin and Space” and admitted attachments in “Following an Ascent.” Entanglements and attachments aren’t a bad thing in the Beyond Things universe and it’s best that you stop trying to deny it.

My favorite part of this album is its sing-along-ability. I can imagine throngs of sweaty people whooping back at Darin Some-errs-glean and Hannah Jones during “Skin and Space,” “Who You Self Contained Unit,” and “AfterNextNowThenBefore,” and pulsing to “Following an Ascent.” Don’t expect to hear them on the radio, though, or on the indie-est of cable access. Beyond Things is just for you and me. Keep them close because they may very well explode with security-tag ink once they leave the safety of your ears.

Who they remind you of: The Panoply Academy Glee Club

Beyond Things:

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