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Whatcha waiting for, IRS. Shut ‘em down.

Churches that endorsed candidates await IRS

MILWAUKEE – Nearly seven months after defying a prohibition on endorsing candidates from the pulpit, 33 churches across the country are still waiting to learn whether the Internal Revenue Service will take action against them.

The goal of “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” was to trigger a legal fight and ultimately overturn regulations that prevent places of worship from supporting or opposing candidates for office. But a conservative legal group that organized the effort says the IRS has yet to notify the churches of any investigation.

Legal experts suggest a number of possibilities: The IRS has nothing to gain from a costly and mainly symbolic battle; it has limited resources; or it could still be deciding how to respond.</em>

Mainly symbolic? Tell the churches to either pay taxes or STFU. Nothing symbolic about that, I don’t think. I have nothing against people being blasted religious/political natterings as they voluntarily sit in a pew- but I don’t want to pay for it. Churches, pay your taxes- or, put another way- return something to the community in which you sit, or limit your discussions to how many angels can fit on whatever pin you’re pushing this week.

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