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Will this finally shut Cheney up?

White House To Declassify “Holy Grail” Torture Report That Could Undercut Cheney

There’s a big piece of news about Dick Cheney and torture buried toward the end of this big Washington Post piece about the torture wars.

Specifically: The White House has decided to declassify and release a classified 2004 CIA report about the torture program that is reported to have found no proof that torture foiled any terror plots on American soil – directly contradicting Cheney’s claims. The paper cites “allies” of the White House as a source.


From the report:

Although some useful information was produced, the report concluded that “it is difficult to determine conclusively whether interrogations have provided information critical to interdicting specific imminent attacks,” according to the Justice Department’s declassified summary of it.

I would imagine if during the torture of “Terrorist X” they extracted actual intelligence that could be acted upon, it would be trumpeted from the rooftops. But that’s not what they found. Will this finally shut Cheney up? Doubtful, because his cause is not served well by reality, and the facts of a given situation never seem to sway him in the least.

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