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Ruled by idiots we are.

State’s baggy pants bill might become the nation’s first

Tennessee is trying to become the first state to prod teenagers to pull up their britches by kicking them in their wallets.

It’s not the first to try to outlaw the saggy pants style, a national fad worn mostly by young men that offends many because the legwear is drooped enough to expose the underwear (or worse). Even President Barack Obama has said it’s a fashion don’t.

Tennessee might be the first to succeed though because a proposal remains alive in the Legislature to levy a fine of up to $250 and 160 hours of community service for wearing pants “below the person’s waistline … in a manner that exposes the person’s underwear or bare buttocks.”

The sponsor likes to joke it’s an “anti-crack bill, because people are tired of seeing the crack of folks’ butts.”

State Rep. Joe Towns is serious, though, in believing the fine will make saggy pants wearers think twice.

No one has money that they can throw away for bad behavior,” said the Memphis Democrat. “If you want to get my attention, you fine me a certain amount of money, and you got my attention. I’m not going to do it again.”</em>

Bad behavior that includes jackasses like this dimwit wasting taxpayer money on crap like this. People who look like idiots in public are actually doing society a favor, because like smokers, they are giving us an early warning sign for stupid, and we can avoid them quicker. Someone needs to send this Tennessee democrat a copy of the Constitution so he can discover that our founding fathers didn’t find a need to regulate PANTS…and neither should this moron. People are free to be as stupid as they like- that’s what freedom means!

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