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Chris Joss

Chris Joss



Chris Joss’s music is deceptively retro. The first listen brings back thoughts of hip parties in ’60s films, sitar and hemp-soaked Love-Ins, and the whole distant memory of the hippie revolution. But as you sit through the disc a few more times, the underbrush of memory fades leaving Joss’s technical skills. He’s an artist who can create a post-post-modern soundscape that sounds authentic, but reveals the curious anachronism of a four track sound created with modern digital precision. Super Fly mixes with guru Maharishi Yogi while early Rolling Stones dissonate with a Peter Sellers sound track. The whole ensemble is slick and convincing, rolling over hill and metaphoric dale and sounding like your next costume party. No vocals intrude beyond a gentle female “uh-uh-uh,” nor is there any need for words. Why suffer through a jarring power ballad or up tempo duet? It’s pure chill-out music, perfect for some long-term lava lamp gazing.

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