Truth to Power

Ok, at what point

did this guy decide what to do for the day?

Ohio Man In Women’s Swimsuit Harassed Girls: Police

Police in Ohio are accusing a Dayton-area man of harassing girls while dressed in a green, one-piece woman’s swimsuit.

Sugarcreek Township police said Tuesday they arrested 41-year-old Kevin L. Miller of Sugarcreek Township on Monday night. Miller has pleaded not guilty to charges of menacing and public indecency, both misdemeanors.

Xenia Prosecutor Ron Lewis says Miller swam into the Little Miami River chasing two women who were canoeing, and chased two juveniles who had visited an ice cream shop.

Lewis says Miller also partially exposed himself while wearing the swimsuit.</em>

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have spent the morning with this guy? To actually watch the thought process that got him to the point of donning a woman’s bathing suit and chasing women canoeing? I mean, what stuff did he ponder doing and went “nah, I’m sticking with the swimsuit thing.”

Whew. There are some seriously strange people out there.

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