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Koko Taylor, RIP

Blues queen Koko Taylor dies at 80

CHICAGO – Koko Taylor, a sharecropper’s daughter whose regal bearing and powerful voice earned her the sobriquet “Queen of the Blues,” has died after complications from surgery. She was 80.

Taylor died Wednesday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital about two weeks after having surgery for a gastrointestinal bleed, said Marc Lipkin, director of publicity for her record label, Alligator Records, which made the announcement.

“The passion that she brought and the fire and the growl in her voice when she sang was the truth,” blues singer and musician Ronnie Baker Brooks said Wednesday. “The music will live on, but it’s much better because of Koko. It’s a huge loss.”</em>

Tell automatic Slim

Tell razor totin’ Jim

Tell butcher knife

Toting Nanny

Tell fast talking fanny

We’re gonna pitch a ball

Down to the union hall

We’re gonna romp

And trump till midnight

We’re gonna fuss

And fight till daylight

We’re gonna get your

Wang dang doodle

All night long

Saw her sing years ago, simply incredible. They ain’t makin’ ‘em like Koko anymore. Sad.

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