Truth to Power

Shouting Fire: Stories from the edge of free speech


Watched this excellent documentary over the weekend, apt choice for the Fourth, I’d say. Interesting look at the state of the First Amendment, post 9-11. Profiles include Ward Churchill, Chase Harper, and Debbie Almontaser, among others. Compellingly shows how free speech works both ways, from Churchills “Chickens come home to roost” 9/11 comments, to the “Homosexuality Is Shameful” shirt of Harper, and just how fragile this vital right is. Watching David Horowitz or Daniel Pipes blather on about how during “war time” it’s just fine to silence those you don’t agree with, or in Horowitz’s case, just to make up crap out of thin air and call it “Islamofascism”, hence making it the biggest boogie man the world has ever faced is enlightening as well, if only to understand how quickly fear and hatred can erase it all.

Yes, even morons can speak freely. What a country!

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