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Iraq to US troops: Stay out

Iraqi Military Prefers to Keep US Troops Out of Cities

Since the July 1 pullback from Iraqi cities, American troops are finding themselves under virtual “house arrest,” being blocked from entering Baghdad without an Iraqi escort and with the Iraqi military dramatically curtailing their ability to conduct nighttime raids.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the move was “a measure of our success,” though troops on the ground expressed anger at having to ask for Iraqi permission where once they were given free rein, and rising tensions between US and Iraqi troops are reported.</em>

Oooh, the Occupiers of the Imperial Warlords are angered that some unappreciative natives are so uppity as to declare a dislike of gun toting goons in their cities? Don’t these subhumans understand all we’ve done for them?

I mean, once you get past the illegal invasion, ignorance of Iraqi sovereignty, the hundreds of thousands dead, the destruction of the nations infrastructure, the torture, and the theft of natural resources, can’t they see all we’ve done for them? Ungrateful bastards.

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