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The Lonely H

The Lonely H

Concrete Class

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Talk about maturity. The Lonely H has just released their third classic rock-infused album Concrete Class, and none of the members are old enough to drink an alcoholic beverage. Their first two albums, both released while they were still in high school, were decidedly skuzzy garage rock, but on this one, they clean it up and make it more country-rock.

The album opens with the garage rock still firmly intact on the burner “Right Down to Me” and rollicking “Cold Blues.”

The country rock doesn’t really kick in until the third track, “White Horse Tears” where 19-year-old lead singer Mark Fredson does his best Robert Plant. They sound like the next generation of The Eagles on the acoustically electric “Girl from Jersey” with four-part harmonies and lyrics like “I was searching for silver and I found gold.” They also kick up the acoustics on “The River” with nothing but their vocals and a single guitar, it is the band at their best: Live and raw.

Throughout their first two albums, it has been blatantly obvious that The Lonely H has not only been listening to the classic rock greats, but studying them as well. Concrete Class is the first album where they have taken their influences, polished them up, and added some of their own unique talent to it. With this being their first post-high school album, The Lonely H may not be ready for the big time yet, but they are almost there.

The Lonely H:

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