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Sex Times Three – A New Comedy

Sex Times Three – A New Comedy

Written and Directed by Larry Stallings

With Marc “With a C” Sirdoreus

Wallflower Theatre

Presented at G.O.A.T., Winter Park, FL</strong>

I’m pretty familiar with Larry Stallings’ work as writer, director and actor, and I know he has many more than these three tight comedies in his pocket. The set chosen for this show take a common theme of love and suppressed bisexuality, and presents some light comedy with an ensemble cast and a guitarist to fill the show out to just over an hour.

The evening opens with personable Marc “With a C” Sirdoreus and an acoustic guitar. He’s pleasant and enthusiastic, and his original compositions have a heart and humor that few opening acts have these days. “I’m In Love With Everyone I Know” and “We’re All Gonna Die” come across as folksy and folky, but a more complicated arrangement and a few supporting musicians could put him in a high class bar like Will’s. As he did his opening set and inter-act materials, his roadie Kevin Sigman appeared to provide M&M’s, bottled water, and a sweat rubdown. Like I say, this guy has rock star potential.

The Stalling material opens with Zach (Alex Carroll) and Gabby (Kimberly Luffman) as roommates at a transition point in their relation. Gabby’s moving in with her new lesbian girl friend, leaving Zach with a spare room. He’s a little heartbroken, he thought that they were a pretty good team – he decorated, she cleaned. Since he’s in a spot, he admits something he’s been hiding from her – he saw her naked several times, and all under false pretenses. A cute premise and well executed with Luffman’s serious, no nonsense sexuality and Carroll’s teddy bear like boyishness.

Scene two takes us to the hotel room of upcoming comic Davey (Carroll.) He’s ordered a hooker and a body guard – that is, two separate people from two separate companies. When Cynthia (Luffman) arrives in a smart business suit, he’s confused as to where to write the check. Turns out she’s the security coordinator, but when she finds out there are even higher paying jobs available, she asks to be interviewed for a new position.

The final scene takes us to colonial Salem, where we find Ms. Luffman tied to a stake and waiting for dawn to rise so she can be stoned and burnt for witchcraft. She takes it pretty well, and banters with William (Carroll) who offers to untie her in exchange for his undying affection and a chance to move to a more open minded local. Turns out she’s had a few offers, and William finds out just how easy it is to suffer from an indefensible accusation.

Despite the provocative title, these shows are all PG comedies that you wouldn’t have any fears of bringing Mom to see. I would have liked to see a few more of Mr. Stallings shorts in the program, but these were worth the admission, and done with professionalism that’s good to see in a fresh theater company.

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