Truth to Power

When democracy works

It looks like this:

Georgia Parents Fight Military High School

The U.S. Marine Corps and the DeKalb County school board have postponed their plans to establish a military-themed high school after more than 100 parents, students, peace activists and veterans in the Atlanta-area community waged a two-month campaign against it.

“No one had successfully opposed one of these schools before,” said Tim Franzen, the American Friends Service Committee staffer who helped lead the campaign. “We had to go up against the board of education and possibly the most powerful entity in the world, the American military-industrial complex.”</em>

This is how a democracy should work. WE THE PEOPLE decide that WE THE PEOPLE don’t want something in their area- nuclear plant, landfill, prison, or a military high school so WE THE PEOPLE work together to get it quashed.

That, for all the knee jerks out there, is called…freedom.

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