Straight No Chaser

CD Review – The Melloncollies, Calling all 90’s alt-rockers!

Goodbye Cruel World

Somme Music

The cover shows four kids in a picture that looks like it’s from the 70’s. One is just standing there, one has a cigarette in his mouth, a stuffed bunny in his hand and is pushing two babies in a stroller, one is holding a bottle, the other a Jack Daniels bottle. Judging by the cover and the name of the album, I thought that this was going to be a punk album. I was horribly wrong, but in a good way. They are more of a 90’s alt-rock group like Better Than Ezra, Tonic or Dishwalla. “Bullet in my Sunday” and “Simple Naive Someone” are perfect alt-rock gems and the rest of the tracks send you straight back to the days of flannel. Initially, I was so thrown off by their sound, that I hated this album. After a couple of listens, it has really grown on me and has become one of my favorites. Everybody with a love for 90’s alt-rock, like me, needs to have this album.

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