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My Tronic

My Tronic

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Somewhere between hard-pounding, ecstasy-pumping dance music and the infectious sound of ’60s bubble gum we find Robert Spitzer and the electro-pop mix of My Tronic. He fuses all the booty-shaking styles of the past two generations into a quirky and nearly sexy entertainment. His drummer, Steve Bryant, may use actual drums and not electronic ones, but either he’s VERY consistent or a decent programmer. Songs like “National” mix hip hop, synth, and the ubiquitous MTV space shuttle countdown “31 seconds and we’re going for auto sequence start” in a way that allows each channel of the mix to enhance the others.

Born of orthodox Jewish Cuban parents, Spitzer’s influenced by salsa, meringue, and the cantorial chants of the Sabbath. But rather than the extended musical landscapes of the mega-DJs or classical composers, his songs all clock in around the perfunctory 3:05 and if they fit into a more pre-sold genre, I could see this guy getting hot rotation on the Top 40. If you’re looking for a vaguely urgent, vaguely danceable sound with male vocals but no overt social consciousness, whether for commuting or running up a few hundred flights on the Stairmaster, Nite Club is your disc.

Tape Theory:

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