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Brick Journal

Brick Journal

Issue 5 Volume 2

BrickJournal Media

It’s Lego time, boys and girls, another issue of Brick Journal is out! This is the fanzine for all those dedicated to replicating the world with small, interlocking, brightly-colored plastic blocks and anamorphic plastic people. This issue’s full-color glossy pages feature in-depth articles on the character design for Wall-E, a Lego building contest filmed for 30 Rock, interviews with Lego designers, and designers who just use a lot of Lego. One article features a replica of one of the ugliest buildings in Alaska, the Gruening Building on the University of Alaska campus in Fairbanks. The builder, Ty Keltner, created a website to tell about it with Lego figures, including a mini Sarah Palin. While the model has its charms and he sold it at a profit, the Lego Palin minifig got him most of his notoriety back during the last election.

Besides the great color pictures and obsessive builders, there are some plans for small Lego scenes and structures, a few ads for Lego supplies, and extensive coverage of women involved in Lego. Those gals even have their own acronym, AFFOLS (Adult Female Fans of LEGO). Like the last copy of this mag that came my way, there’s endless fun in looking at the plastic world of little bricks, even if you don’t keep a few hundred thousand of them in inventory.

Brick Journal:

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