And then there’s Maude!

And then there’s Maude!

Bea Arthur leaves $300k to Ali Forney Center

Late “Golden Girls” star Bea Arthur has left $300,000 of her estate to the Ali Forney Center, an organization that supports homeless LGBT youth, according to a press release from the organization.

“We work with hundreds of young people who are rejected by their families because of who they are. We are overwhelmed with gratitude that Bea saw that LGBT youth deserve as much love and support as any other young person, and that she placed so much value in the work we do to protect them, and to help them rebuild their lives.” says Executive Director Carl Siciliano.

The Ali Forney Center, which began in 2002, offers emergency shelter to homeless LGBT in sites scattered throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. It also operates two drop-in centers that offer food, clothing, medical and mental health treatment, HIV testing, treatment and prevention services, and vocational and educational assistance.

One of the Ali Forney Center’s transitional residences is named for Bea Arthur.

How very cool…and humane. Kudos, Bea Arthur!

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