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Mindy Smith

Mindy Smith

Stupid Love

Vanguard Records

Mindy Smith’s voice is so gorgeous that she can take you on audio journeys that you never thought you could have. On her latest album, Stupid Love, she goes through every emotion you can think of and leaves you yearning for more.

She starts off the album with the upbeat and enchanting “What Went Wrong,” where she laments a relationship gone wrong in the chorus: “Here I am/ All alone/ Even if I ran/ Away from home/ It won’t change what went wrong.”

On “Surface,” Smith’s warm vocals, coupled with a piano line that sounds like it was ripped from Coldplay’s hit “Trouble,” spin a song about breaking up into one about hope. The chorus, “Coming to the surface/ Getting back in focus/ Trying to find my way back home,” could be the motto for someone who is trying to pick up the pieces and move on with life. And this could easily be that person’s theme song.

She has some stellar guests helping out as well. Amy Grant lends some background vocals to “Couldn’t Stand the Rain,” while Grant’s husband Vince Gill chimes in on the breezy “Telescope.” Thad Cockrell also makes an appearance on the dreamy “Love Chases After Me.”

Mindy Smith is a bonafide superstar. She has an incredible knack for taking tragedy (namely broken relationships) and making it sound optimistic and positive. Smith’s voice and songwriting maturity carries Stupid Love and makes this not only the best album of her young career, but also one of the Top 10 best albums of the year, hands down.

Mindy Smith:

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