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Blackheart Revolution

G-Force/MVD Entertainment

Genitorturers have got, in vocalist Gen, a front woman who will not only encourage – and often participate in – your wildest S & M fantasies, but one who will pummel you with her unique blend of dark industrial metal afterward. A Rockstar who will lead her fans through an evening of master and servant. There’s just not enough of that kind of generosity in music today!

The provocative Tampa act – who stormed the underbelly of the hardcore club scene in the early ‘90’s – shocking and awing fans with live shows that incorporated onstage fetish acts into the performance – is back with Blackheart Revolution. After a few years off the grid, the band’s return to the musical mainstream is an unapologetic romp through the dark alleys of sexual deviance set to the tune of mind bending electronic metal. Starting at break-neck speed with two of the best hard rock songs to come out in years, “Take It” and “Devil in a Bottle,” the album is a fast-paced blast that flows through some oddly successful pop moments that would make Lady Gaga jealous (“Cum Junkie”), but which mostly rides the night train from dark to even darker. This is Genitorturers sinking their teeth into the scene they originated in – the same Florida scene that brought Marilyn Manson and Jack Off Jill out of the warehouses and into the clubs. It’s the closest thing to a time machine trip to 1991 that you’ll likely find.

Imagine Lords of Acid going head to head with KMFDM, or Peaches writing lyrics for White Zombie. Thus, is the sexy gore that is Genitorturers. Music so dank and dirty you’ll need a shower after.


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