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Brit Hume and the madness of blind faith

Thanks to the Daily Show I was fortunate enough to watch Brit Hume on Bill O’Reilly’s show discussing his remarkably ignorant statement concerning Tiger Woods path to forgiveness via the only real religion, Christianity. In case you missed what sparked all this, I’ll quote him:

He’s said to be a Buddhist. I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. So my message to Tiger would be, “Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.”

Naturally, this caused an uproar, and Hume went on the safe confines of The O’Reilly Factor to explain, and Bill buttered him up with the non-question “But what do you think drives the negative comments about Christianity?”, but that’s standard majority rule “I’m a victim” bullshit he always peddles. Hume looked clearly confused as to the reaction, mainly:

He clearly believes that his myth set trumps all others, and actually “offers” something tangible that another person could take advantage of, if only they “believe” in his specified delusion.

He doesn’t understand why anyone would object to this, since everyone obviously “believes” as he does, being that he’s a white male in the greatest by God society that has ever existed anywhere and

He believes its an appropriate use of the airwaves to proselytize his belief in a pretend world, and the notion that someone might object to it is well, crazy.

Brit Hume is free, obviously, to believe whatever nonsense he likes. He believes in American Exceptionalism, which is complete, utter, world destroying bullshit. He believes its ok for America to invade sovereign nations and murder vast amounts of the civilian population for oil, even if they have to lie to do so. He believes that America is blameless around the world, and he can’t understand why anyone would fly planes into buildings because they disagree.

He does all this because he’s what Eric Hoffer termed a “true believer”, someone who is a member of a mass movement based upon the promise of a glorious future in the absence of any evidence to that “fact”. No amount of rational thinking can dissuade them, so debate is fruitless. To those like Brit Hume, the concept that an invented set of beliefs called Christianity actually offers something that a person such as Tiger Woods could use in the real world is a dead set fact. No matter that of course it is not, that belief in the God/Jesus myth-set is solely an invention of man, (a particularly dangerous one at that) that exists entirely in the minds of those such as Hume who have convinced themselves that it is true.

Now, if he had suggested to Tiger Woods that he merely appear to be a Christian and pretend to ask for forgiveness, then the media and sheep of this nation would in turn pretend to forgive him, then that would have been an accurate statement. Because its all pretend. Tiger Woods belief system has no deity, and in it forgiveness comes not from playing pretend but in fact the opposite, in the practice of not falling prey to harmful, delusional thoughts.

Brit Hume is merely a talking head who reads disinformation off a prompter about situations that don’t really exist as he depicts them (the definition of Fox News), at the bidding of the huge multi-national corporations that hired him. His “advice” to Tiger Woods is no different, and no less an example of disinformation as any other “my way or the highway”, “with us or against us” nonsense that has propped up American intervention since our inception as a nation, which he blathers without remorse nightly.

What is so sad about this episode is that it illustrates just how far from evolved and sane our nation is. For America to become “exceptional” it must first become reality-based, and the fact that a debate even exists over the validity of Hume’s statements shows just how far from sane we are. You are free to believe anything you choose, no one can stop you. But you are not free to affect my life because of it, no matter how well meaning you “believe” you are behaving.

Because blind faith, be in it in Christianity or America, is both false and dangerous. To refuse to see it as such will be our ruin.

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