The Reveling

The Reveling

The Reveling

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A snappy four-song EP introduces us to Brooklyn’s The Reveling, a band with one foot knee-deep in the punk rock breeding pool and the other dangling its dirty toes in the blue collar rivers where drummer Jay Weinberg’s papa (E Street Band’s Max Weinberg) has made his living. With lyrics that are poetic and lovesick and sung with working class angst by Sean Morris, catchy melodies, and songs rife with interesting breaks, comparisons to The Gaslight Anthem are inevitable. “Gift” is the closest these boys come to Gaslight turf, and it would be one of the strongest tracks on the release if not for the whiny chorus which just kills this otherwise good song. As it stands, “Breadline” is the song that best reveals what The Reveling is capable of. When Morris sticks with the somewhat brusque voice and doesn’t try to strain for the high notes, all of the elements come together quite nicely. Fans of early Alkaline Trio will want to pay attention to these guys.

The Reveling:

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