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John Lennon’s acid stash found?

John Lennon’s Long Lost Stash of LSD Found Buried at His Kenwood Home

According to Beatles lore, in 1967 the band sent emissaries to the Monterey Pop Festival in San Francisco posing as filmmakers with the real mission of tracking down The Bear, a.k.a. Owsley Stanley, famed LSD chef and sound technician. Allegedly, the agents of The Beatles found The Bear, obtained a shitload of liquid acid and smuggled it back to John Lennon, who later decided to bury what was left of it on the grounds of his house in Kenwood, Surrey once he and the other Beatles decided to give up drugs and try Transcendental Meditation instead. When they got back from India, though, Lennon changed his mind, tried to unearth his buried treasure, and couldn’t find it. Legend has it that the massive acid stash was never found, and so became the stuff of drug mythology.

Until now – maybe. A group of builders working at the estate have reportedly dug up the remains of a leather satchel containing remnants of several broken glass bottles, and one still intact, but empty with a cracked cork. Could this be the magical mystery stash? It will take some tests and analysis to know for sure, but barring a hoax, it seems like a pretty open and shut case to me. </em>

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