Truth to Power

Let’s add up the cost of Bush/Cheney, the hell that keeps on giv

A reverse-Midas team like Bush/Cheney our world has never before seen:

Bush/Cheney’s economic policies turned the world economy to shit.

Bush/Cheney’s racial policies ignored a drowning New Orleans.

Bush/Cheney’s foreign policy melted down Iraq and, in its new hopey-changey wrapper, may yet melt down Afghanistan.

And now, fifteen months out of office, Bush/Cheney’s energy & environmental regulatory and oversight policies are destroying the coast and, perhaps, the entire Gulf of Mexico. Maybe more, depending on wind, current, and the contamination of the Gulf Stream.</em>

At every critical juncture, each time a choice had to be made between protecting the public or protecting profit, Bush/Cheney chose profit. Cheney’s Halliburton will probably turn out to be the culprits this time, for sloppy work on the oil rig, but its the limitless greed and lack of humanity that was the hallmark of those horrid 8 years that continues to haunt and endanger us.

You gutted regulatory agencies because you believe government doesn’t work, so you intended on proving it.

You rigged the tax system to give to those who already got while those who need lost their homes, jobs, and self-respect.

You started wars without end on lies, and turned your back on the results, both there…and here.

You gave voice to the truly desperately insane among us- the Becks, the Dobsons, the Donahues, who preach hate, racism and self-loathing to a nation of slumbering sheep.

You unleash all this, pocket the money, and walk away, convincing yourself you’re guiltless, that greed is its own reward.

You and your followers are despicable, and deserving of nothing more than raw contempt and shame.

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