Truth to Power

Thin skinned much, AG Corbett?

Gee, no abuse of power here…

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate takes on Twitter

Tom Corbett, who just became the Republican gubernatorial nominee in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, is trying to crack the IDs of two Twitter account holders who have used the short messaging service to criticize him, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting.

Corbett issued the subpoenas in his capacity as the state’s attorney general. His office is telling reporters that the effort to uncover the source of the tweets is part of a criminal investigation and has nothing to do with their comments about him.

Corbett’s Democratic opponent for governor, Dan Onorato, isn’t buying it. He says the AG is misusing his office.</em>

Boo hoo, somebody said something mean about me. Boo hoo, I’m a public figure. And a republican. That should open you up to scads of invective. Boo hoo.

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