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Drunk yahoo gets FBI attention; afraid government to outlaw Hann

Yet another homegrown terrorist “patriot”:

FBI details surge in death threats against lawmakers</a>

In February 2009, a man left voice mail messages for Stabenow in several of her Michigan offices.

“We’re gonna [expletive] get you,” he said in one message. “We’re gonna get you with a lot of [expletive] bolt action. Like we did RFK; like we did MLK. We know who you are. We’ll get you.”

FBI agents tracked the calls to a 54-year-old Texas man who lived alone – and who at one time had owned a 20-gun arsenal of handguns, shotguns and rifles. According to the documents, he told officers that he was “really, really drunk” when he made the calls. He said he was just “venting” – taking out his frustrations after hearing a discussion of the Fairness Doctrine and becoming concerned that the government would attempt to abolish the radio shows of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.</em>

There ya go. You keep pouring hysterical nonsense into the earholes of the disaffected, and you get this. No one is bringing back the Fairness Doctrine- although they should- and nobody is going to “abolish” Rush and Hannity- although they should, purely because they are menaces to public safety and welfare- but this goon has spent his days being screamed at by Fox, Newsmax and Drudge about the looming socialist/communist/Marxist takeover of “his” America by some black boy in “his” White House.

And we keep on letting the millionaire windbags spew utter lies into the media, unchecked, unaccountable to anyone but the giant corporations that fund them as a loss-leader enterprise, one that will keep the wars going, the oil spilling, and redneck asses in lounge chairs, pissing themselves over non-existent threats.

All while the real power goes about its business, unnoticed.

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