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But of course Palin defends homophobic Dr. Laura- theocrats stic

Palin defends Dr. Laura over N-word rant: ‘Be thankful for her voice, America’

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Wednesday defended Laura Schlessinger, the radio host whose recent racially-charged remarks to a black caller led her to announce the end of her program.

“Dr. Laura,” as she is best-known, created an uproar after using the N-word eleven times during a conversation with a caller. She announced Tuesday that she will end the show this year, lamenting her inability to speak freely without being attacked.

In two separate Twitter postings Wednesday night, a bullish Palin implored Americans to be “thankful” for Dr. Laura’s voice and blamed her departure on “Constitutional obstructionists” who trampled her First Amendment rights.

As for Schlessinger, Palin urged her to “reload” and not “retreat,” declaring that she’d be “even more powerful” and “effective” without “the shackles.”</em>

Of course Dr. Laura’s choice- her choice- to flee from the public rebuke of her talking like an idiot has nothing what so ever to do with the First Amendment. No one banned her or censored her in any way. For decades she’s been able to belch out her moralistic (her morals only, of course) tripe over the airwaves, spewing homophobic invective that would make any Iranian imam proud. She, like Palin and the rest of our national pity partiers, seem to think the first amendment is some sort of cloak of invisibility from reaction to moronic utterings. No, all it says is that you the right to say whatever you wish- but so does everyone else. And everyone else in this case has decided that they are finally, finally tired of your theocratic, homo bashing, racist, anti-woman, pro war bullshit. So, retreat to the cozy confines of Fox and Facebook, just like Palin…but realize, that is a very, very small segment of America- and the rest of the country?

We loathe you. We tolerate you as we do any other human…but make no mistake, your time is over, your only saving grace- your demographic- will soon be gone from their recliners to their great reward, and Dr. Laura, and Palin, and hell, throw that loathsome fraud Newt in there too…they will soon enough fade away into well deserved obscurity.

One day gays will marry, we’ll smoke weed at baseball games, and Fox news will be hosting topless cooking shows in a vain attempt for ad dollars. Because the future is the children…and they have no time for hate and intolerance. Or you. Now, feel free to fuck off sooner, we’d appreciate it, but make no mistake- your time is done.

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