Truth to Power

This I like: Turn Off Fox

Now, I generally find petitioning to be silly, and all it seems to do is add to the mass of junk email I get, but since this one is going to businesses, who are more apt to take these things seriously since it means a loss of revenue, I’ll give it a try.

The petition we’ll present to businesses (with fact sheets and other documents):

“I won’t play Fox News in my home, and I’m calling on businesses and other public establishments to stop playing Fox. I don’t want Fox spreading hate, lies, and division in my community, and I want to support businesses that are Fox-free” </em>

And you get a nifty sticker for doing so:


Me, I plan on getting 50 or so and sticking them anywhere that vile hate speech is being spewed in public. It’s the least I can do to attempt to raise the IQ of the American people.

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