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O’Donnell just can’t keep from lying

Another Christine O’Donnell embellishment: She misleadingly claims she studied at Oxford

In another move that will raise further questions about Christine O’Donnell’s embellishment of her education record, she claims she studied at the University of Oxford – but a look at her actual record shows this is at best an exaggeration and at worst an outright falsehood.

O’Donnell’s LinkedIn bio page lists “University of Oxford” as one of the schools she attended, claiming she studied “Post Modernism in the New Millennium.” But it turns out that was just a course conducted by an institution known as the Phoenix Institute, which merely rented space at Oxford.

What’s more, the woman who oversaw Phoenix Institute’s summer program at Oxford tells me O’Donnell’s claim about studying at Oxford is “misleading.”</em>

It’s not that she lies- she’s a political hack, they all lie, it’s how they breathe- but rather that she’s so damn bad at it. This is the online age, dear…you can’t just toss out any twaddle that enters that hairsprayed brain of yours and expect people to accept it without verifying.

So, to be clear, dear: We don’t hate you because you lie-but because you’re stupid.

Got it, dimwit?

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