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Gee, thanks for helping

Spent the weekend in the Big Apple, and plastered everywhere were signs admonishing the citizens to turn in suspicious behaving persons or packages.

Guess NOLA just don’t give a shit:

FBI, DHS, New Orleans police ignore citizen bomb warning

Despite global terrorism jitters and the ubiquitous homeland security plea to “Say something if you see something,” New Orleans police, the FBI and DHS all ignored the repeated warnings of a concerned citizen Tuesday about a large, unattended suitcase in the city’s famed French Quarter.

Joseph T. Wilkins, a retired municipal judge, said he noticed the suitcase around 9:30 Tuesday morning while at home in Brigantine, N.J. watching a live video feed of historic Jackson Square, a favorite spot of his during frequent vacations to New Orleans.

After about half an hour of observing the bag on his home computer, he recounted, he said to himself: “I can’t look at this thing any longer. If it blows up, I’ll feel I caused it.”

So at 10:22 a.m., according to cellphone records that he described to SpyTalk, Wilkins made a long distance call to the New Orleans police, where a woman shunted him to “the complaints department.”

“Nobody answered after 15-20 rings,” he said, so he hung up.</em>

Read the rest of it for a prime example of security Kabuki.

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