Truth to Power

Hey AZ, how’s the hatin’ workin’ for ya?

Not so well:

Boycott Over Arizona Immigrant Law Cost $141 Million, Study Says

A business boycott of Arizona over its immigration law may have cost the state’s economy as much as $141 million, a Washington-based policy group estimated.

Convention bookings for July and August fell 35 percent from a year earlier, cutting lodging revenue by $45 million, the Center for American Progress said in a report today. Lost spending on food, beverages, entertainment, local transportation and retail goods brought the total cost to $141 million, the report said. </em>

Not to mention that the people who did show up, won’t have anyone to wait on them, since the state ran them all off. Now, the underlying cause of this immigration policy has little to do with “illegal aliens” filling the state, but rather filling the jails.

Yup. Follow the money.

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