a Secret Policeman’s Ball

a Secret Policeman’s Ball

a Secret Policeman’s Ball

With Our Bear Hands

Wasn’t this a comedy thing with Python back in the pre-Thatcher days? I guess not. They added a lower case “A” to the name and sailed into the copyright clear zone. This power pop group from mid-America bubbles with energy and mixes complex vocals with a touch of irony. They sound so smooth they could be “AM friendly,” if AM still existed for anything other than ranting tirades. This nifty little EP hosts a number of possible success stories like the cuddly “Kittens (… inspired by Kittens!!)” and a version of “Frankenstein” which sounds nothing like Edgar Winter, rather it offers weird keyboards with a hint of circus march tempo. “Smells Like Witchcraft” intrigues as well; it has a long dead intro leading to weird surf guitar chords gently falling in the background. Overall, these guys have a great sound, a confusing band name, and more than a peck of promise.

a Secret Policeman’s Ball: www.facebook.com/aSecretPolicemansBall

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