American Speedway

American Speedway

American Speedway

A Bigger Boat

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Wow. Hang on to your tats, this bunch of guys will blow them off your forearm if you’re not careful. Going back to those great speed metal days, American Speedway is both 100% American and faster than a beer bottle opener slipping down to the bottom of the lake. With two guitars (Michael Thursby, Lorraine “Dirty” McGurty), a bass (Billy Angry), a drum kit (Chris Callahan), and a handful of Black Beauties, these boys and girls were born ready to rock. McGurty is a new addition; she used to play for Wench and was a rare catch for this Philly band. With a sound between Motorhead and James Hetfield, these guys can’t seem to write or play a bad song. From “Howl You Doing?” to “I Killed Laura Palmer” to “20th Century Boy,” each and every song requires mandatory head banging, devil horns metal sign, and best of all if you insist on tattooing their logo on your personal body, it’s a killer lightning bolt skull. These songs are all short and sweet like a shot of flaming Jägermeister. I’m almost moved, there might be a future for rock and roll with these guys at the helm.

American Speedway:

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