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The Dwarves

The Dwarves

The Dwarves Are Born Again

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The Dwarves are misunderstood. The Dwarves are bizarre. The Dwarves have whiny fans. Ok, I’ll cut you that last one, but when you open a punk album with “Let’s Get High and Fuck Some Sluts,” it’s pretty clear where you’re coming from. This band with musicians named “HeWhoCannotBeNamed” and “Rex Everything” fits right into the modern psycho punk scene, with snappy songs, tight playing, and enough discipline to make notes when they need to and sing with clear vocals when the lyrics are worth it.

I fully enjoyed this album, and might even promote it into my Volkswagen CD player. After blasting the dust out of my Pioneer tuner with “15 Minutes” and “The Dwarves Are the Best Band Ever,” there’s the surprisingly acoustic “Looking Out for Number One.” The drumming is speedy if not subtle, the guitar work goes back to Alice Cooper and The Stray Cats, and the vocals take Turbo Negro up a notch. This band looks like it’s on album 27, and if they aren’t the hardest working band in punk, they’re at least getting enough overtime to keep touring. Sneaking up on that big four-oh, the Dwarves show that punk still makes a difference with its 4/4 E chord version of the Angry Young Man. Don’t overlook the Dwarves – they are a refreshing gob of spit in the face.

The Dwarves:

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